Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living the Dream! : සිහින දේශය සහ තවත් කතා

පෙර  වදන:

සිහින පුරයට
යන්ට අවසර
මගේ දෙපයම
ගෙදර තනිකර

Back at home I had people who cared
Parents and friends, the life that I shared
Here in my "home"
I’m all alone...
Yeah baby…I'm living the dream!

Back at home the days were so warm
Not forgetting that occasional storm
Now it’s so frikin cold
In my nose I’m growing mold
But yeah… I’m living the frikin dream!

Back at home I miss all those food
Amma's polos curry was really good
Now two cups of rice
Keeps me barely alive
Yeah, I’m eating the dream

Back at home I had my wife by my side
A pillar of strength, who was here for awhile
Now she’s having "fun"
Carrying my son
I know she ain’t living the dream.

Back at home I had a good job
Enough for me to be a right royal snob
Here in this cage
I’m paid minimum wage
But fuck that, I’m living the dream!

Remember this now and keep in your mind
The grass aint that much greener on the other side
Listen to me son,
Your life has just begun
Be like dad, and live your damn dream!

පසු වදන:

මේ සිහින පුරයේ
මමයි කුමරා
මගෙම අසිපතින්
බෙල්ල කැපුනා....

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